The Computer Shop


We Pride Ourselves with Quality Work for a Good Price

The Computer Shop has the lowest prices around for computer repair because we’ve been doing this for over 20 years. Our experienced and Trained Professionals will complete your repair quickly and knowledgeably.

Virus Cleanup and Optimization: Premium: $95

We have extensive experience with virus removal. We have literally seen it all.  Scareware, search redirects, email hi-jacks, botnets, Trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, you name it.
At The Computer Shop, we use an arsenal of tools and techniques to scrub your system of all infected files.  We are constantly refining our skill sets and our tool kit to make sure we are as effective as possible.This Includes:
  • Hardware Diagnostic
  • Virus Removal
  • Windows Repairs
  • Full Optimizations
  • Windows and Driver Updates
  • 30 Day Warranty
Remote Support available upon request

Full Hardware Diagnostics : $30 or Free with service

Is your old computer running slow, shutting off, blue screening, locking up? You might have a serious hardware issue. Our hardware diagnostic will prevent data loss or further hardware damage! Get one today!

Data Services We Provide

At The Computer Shop we offer a wide range of data services, we can even transfer your programs!


Data Backup: $95

Backup to external device


Data Transfer: $95

Transfer from one device to another


Program Transfers: $95

Transfer programs from one computer to another (Transfers Everything)

Laptop / PC / MAC Hardware Services

Most computer repair shops offer a limited, narrow set of services. But at The Computer Shop, we offer a full set of services, this includes many hardware repair services on both PC and Macs! All of which are done in shop, we do not ship your unit out! All repairs are done by our highly qualified hardware technicians.

LCD Replacement

Remove and recycle old LCD, install new LCD.
PC: $70 plus part
MAC: Call for estimate

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DC jack repair / replacement

Remove motherboard, remove or fix DC jack, resolder new jack if needed, install motherboard. We also clean the system fan for the same price!
PC & MAC: $125+ part


Liquid Damage

Remove motherboard/logic board, clean motherboard/logic board, repair any additional damage.
PC: $150
Mac: Call for estimate

Video Issues

Fix various video issues, ranging from graphics card, cord issues, inverter issues, etc.
PC: $140
MAC: $250


Heat Issues

Removed system fan, clean out fan, install new thermal paste, install copper shim if needed.
PC: $125 + copper shim
MAC: $250